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Blogmas Day 1- Introduction Post!

Hi readers!
Wow, wow, wow. Here we are again. It’s the first day of December meaning, the first day of Blogmas!
It’s a little different from last year, as it was during a lockdown.
I’m so excited about Christmas this year. It feels like I have been ready for it for ages!
Fingers crossed I will be able to complete it this year as I am super busy. I’m going to try to be super organised.

Here are some expected upcoming blog posts for this week.

  • Introduction post.
  • Christmas themed jokes.
  • Christmas haul.
  • 25 Blogmas post ideas.
  • My decorated house tour.
  • My anticipated Christmas reads.
  • Crafts I’m doing this Christmas.

What I recieved Real Techniques Advent…

I received the 200 brush. This can be used for foundation or blush.



  hours  minutes  seconds



Background used and created on

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