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Blogmas Day 2- Christmas themed jokes.

Hi hi hi!

So I have a confession, I’m a sucker for a cheesy joke. I know they can make you groan but I do like them. Here are some of my favourites I’ve found..

  • Who is Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is Presley.
  • What do you call a frog hanging from the celling? Mistle-toad.
  • Whats a snowmans favourite song? Freeze a jolly good fellow.
  • What kind of bug hates Christmas? A humbug.
  • Whats the best kind of present? A broken drum, you just cant beat it.
  • Why can’t a Christmas tree sew? Becuase it’s always dropping it’s needles.
  • What goes “oh, oh, oh”? Santa walking backwards.
  • What do you use to clean your hands at Christmas? Santatizer.
  • What do elves learn as school? Elfabet.
  • What kind of motorbike does santa ride? Holly Davidson.
  • Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy.
  • Two snowman standing in the field one says “Can you smell carrots?”

What I received Real Techniques Advent



  hours  minutes  seconds


until Christmas

I feel like you have endured enough I’ll stop now

Thank you for reading

Lauren x

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