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Blogmas Day 13- NYX Advent Calender First Impressions.

Hi readers,

So I’ve recently just opened my new NYX advent calendar. I got it before the first but I thought because it’s a 12 door, wait until 12 days left. I’m so excited!

I’ve never done a make-up calendar before. I’m not a makeup person. So I thought it would be a good way to get into it.

For £12.00 for 12 items seems quite a bargain. NYX is a well-established brand also.

My first product was a concealer. Which I didn’t expect actually. It’s yellow and after research, I found out it’s for colour correcting blemishes.

First product day 1

On a good note, I finished this adorable penguin diamond painting card. I love it!

Thank you for reading.

Lauren x

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Blogmas Day 11- My Christmas To Do List!

Hi readers,

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to share the rest of my Christmas preparations. I’m quite lucky because I don’t have to worry about the food or big stuff yet.

Wrap the presents-

I’ve brought lots, but haven’t started wrapping yet whoops…

Finish my diamond painting cards-

I’ve started them but haven’t finished yet…

The Christmas cards-

They’re all laid ready to be written and sent.

Have a relaxing evening-

Life’s been so busy at the moment, I feel like I need a relaxing night in.

Write some backup blogmas posts-

To get better prepared, I feel like I should rewrite some posts for blogmas.

Go on a see the light walk-

I absolutely love Christmas lights. So I’m gonna have a walk around see what I can find.

What do you have to do yet? Or are you all ready?

Thank you for reading.

Lauren x

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Day 4: 25 Blogmas Post Ideas.

Hi readers,

Thought I would share a few Christmas post ideas. As I know how challenging it can be to think of ideas sometimes.

Thank you for reading

Lauren x

  • My favourite things about Christmas.
  • My winter essentials.
  • How to budget at Christmas.
  • Gift ideas.
  • What I’m doing this Christmas.
  • Christmas tag.
  • My best/worst gift.
  • What to buy someone who doesn’t want anything.
  • My favourite Christmas tradition.
  • Winter wardrobe.
  • Christmas crafts.
  • Christmas make up inspiration.
  • DIY present ideas.
  • New year’s resolution inspiration.
  • Favourite Christmas songs.
  • Tips for gift wrapping.
  • Activities to do this Christmas.
  • Christmas baking ideas.
  • How to make a Christmas card.
  • How to prepare your car for winter.
  • How to relax at Christmas.
  • Favourite Christmas movies.
  • Winter reading list.
  • Gifts to buy for your pet.
  • Activities you can do indoors during colder weather.


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Until Christmas