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December 1st: Hello December!

Hi readers,

So the countdown to Christmas begins. I’m going to participate in blogmas again this year. So should be posting content every day of December.

After not a very nice year I’m going to try to make this one the best one ever.

Later on, I’m going to open my heroes advent calendar. It’s interactive like last year.

Have a good December everyone.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

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30th November: How did my no spend November go?

Hi readers,

Thought I would give everyone an update on how my now spend November went,

Well, on the whole, I thought I did pretty well. The only thing I spent money on was birthday and Christmas presents. The only reason I decided to buy them as due to Coronavirus I wanted to give more time to delivery.

The birthday is my boyfriend’s, on the 7th of December so I didn’t want to leave it late.

I’m glad I’ve done it as it has shown me tips and trick to saving money. Also, I’ve learnt the lesson of consideration whilst spending money.

1st of December tomorrow and I’m going to try complete blogmass this year.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

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November 9th: Back to studying maths.

Hi guys,

A fact about me is that I achieved a D in GCSE maths, never quite had that mathematical brain. So no I’ve decided I’m going to take a second chance when available.

I’ve decided to start early and brought a revision book. It’s weird looking at all the old familiar stuff from school years ago. My boyfriend has been trying to help me. Hopefully, I’ll be catching up soon. Second time lucky.

Thank you for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

Lauren x

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November 1st: Optimistic Sunday’s, feeling Christmasy and the start of no spend November.

Hi readers!

There’s always something about the beginning of the month, that makes me feel optimistic and theirs a fresh slate. Trying to keep positive after the news, that the UK will be going into another lockdown for four weeks.

My family ordered a brand new Christmas tree this afternoon. It has aided me to get into the Christmas spirit early. It was from Argos at £18, I believe is a very reasonable price.

Also, another exciting thing is I’ve decided to partake in no spend November. I’m known to spend a little to much at Christmas every year. So this year I want to focus on what’s important, and it’s not materialistic items, I will keep updating on how I’m getting on.

Thank you for reading! Hope everyone has the best November possible considering the circumstances.

Stay safe everyone Lauren x