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Blogtober Day 17: Let’s Make Father Christmas Fly. Gain Traffic And Meet Other Bloggers.

Hi readers,

I thought it would be a good idea to get lot’s of people sharing and commenting. I would like to make a little community and meet new bloggers.

Comment, like, reblog and share your recent blog posts/website name. This may help you get your blog noticed.

Let’s see how far Father Christmas can fly.

Thought I would keep it Christmas themed in the spirit of blogmas.

Fingers crossed this goes well.

Thank you for contributing.

Take care Lauren x

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Blogmas Day 9- Whoops Nearly Forgot To Blog.

Hi Readers,

Life has become so busy lately it seems like it’s nonstop. I was out and completely remembered I forgot to do blogmas day 9.

I find this time of blogmas can be the most challenging. As it’s not the novelty of the beginning, and you can’t see the finish line yet.

It truly is the most wonderful but hectic time of the year.

I love blogging and im going to have to make sure the schedule is the deserved time for it.

Do any of you participating in blogmas find this time the most difficult?

Sorry, it’s a short one but it does have to be.

Thank you for reading

Lauren x



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Until Christmas