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27th December: A relaxing Christmas.

Hi readers,

All things considering my Christmas went pretty well. I spent the day with my family. Think I also eat a little too much food.

It seemed to be over within a flash. I can’t believe the countdown is officially over now. It seemed very weird not doing blogmas anymore. Now to look forward to hopefully a better new year.

Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Christmas.

Wishing everyone the best.

Take care Lauren x

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December 24th: Merry Christmas and end of blogmas.

Hi readers,

Just wanted a quick post to wish everyone a happy Christmas! Can’t believe it’s that time of year again. I’m so proud of posting on my blog every day for twenty-four days. I’ve enjoyed it, and it’s taught me a lot.

It may be quiet this year. However, I’m going to try and make it the best I can.

Wishing for better things for everyone in 2021

Have a safe Christmas and new year guys.

Thank you for reading

Lauren x

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December 20th: How I’m dealing with not getting the Christmas I planned 2020.

Hi readers,

So I don’t think many people are getting the Christmas they planned this year. It hasn’t been an easy year. Now further disruption from announcements of tier four restrictions in the UK. It’s dishearting, but here is how I’m trying to cope and stay positive for Christmas 2020.

Video calling– As I am in a long-distance relationship, I know video calls can be a saviour. It’s comfort. I’m going to try calling and video calling as much as possible.

Trying to distract myself- I’m going to do as many indoor Christmas activities as possible.

Look forwards- There will be hopefully many more Christmases and occasions I will be able to celebrate.

Take one day at a time- When life gets too much I’m always trying to tell myself just take one day at a time.

Accept it’s okay to be upset– I’m not pressuring myself to be completely happy always. Life doesn’t work that way. It’s how I react and pick myself up is the main thing.

Thank you for reading

Take care Lauren x

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December 19th: A quieter Christmas…

Hi readers,

I’m sure like others I will be celebrating a quieter Christmas. It will seem very strange not being in a full house, but it is the safest option considering the circumstances.

It will also be the first year in twenty one-years, where everyone won’t be in our house for boxing day.

However, I’m trying to stay as positive as I can be. This Christmas will be the one I will appreciate what I have.

Take care Lauren x

Blogmas Christmas Questions Tag

December 9th: Christmas tag questions.

1. How do you celebrate Christmas? My whole family celebrate together. We exchange presents, eat lots of food and play games.

2. How are you spending this Christmas? Due to the pandemic, I think this one will be a quiet one. It’s difficult to arrange anything due to restrictions and rules for the time being.

3. Are you good at buying gifts for others? I like to pride myself on being a good gift-buyer. I’m always trying to pay attention to what people would like. Now I’m an adult I love buying and giving gifts.

4. What’s your most memorable Christmas memory? My most memorable Christmas memory is getting my bike. My mum and dad hid it in the garage with a balloon on it.

5. How did you spend last Christmas? I spend last Christmas Eve in a packed busy store working. Then on Christmas day went round my Aunties and Uncles for dinner. Then later on in the evening went around my boyfriend’s house.

6. On Christmas Eve, what do you leave out for Santa? When I was a child, I used to leave out a mince pie and a glass of milk.

7. What is your favourite Christmas movie? Love actually.

8. What is your favourite Christmas song? Boney M- Mary’s boy child.

9. What do you eat on Christmas day? A full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

10. Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions? No, I don’t which is kind of disappointing.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

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December the 5th: Birthday’s, Wrapping and Strictly Come Dancing.

Hi readers,

I’ve got a free weekend this weekend. So that means I’ve been able to get lot’s of wrapping done.

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday Monday, and I’m sure some of you know the struggle of a December birthday. You don’t want to give more presents on one day. So luckily I’ve been able to get organised. Also, it makes sure you have more wrapping to complete.

I’m currently watching Strictly. It’s been a real light this year and I’ve really enjoyed it. I know my boyfriend has enjoyed watching it also.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the show. A musical week is my favourite as I love musicals.

Thank you for reading.

Have a good weekend! Take care Lauren x

Christmas Movie

3rd December: 15 Christmas movie watchlist.

1) Nativity.

2) Love actually.

3) The Grinch.

4) The Christmas chronicles.

5) Arthur Christmas.

6) Home alone.

7) Deck the halls.

8) Jingle all the way.

9) Bad Moms at Christmas.

10) Christmas with the Kranks.

11) Fred Claus.

12) Last Christmas.

13) The holiday.

14) Bad Santa.

15) Miracle on 34th Street.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy all the festivities.

Take care Lauren x

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December 1st: Hello December!

Hi readers,

So the countdown to Christmas begins. I’m going to participate in blogmas again this year. So should be posting content every day of December.

After not a very nice year I’m going to try to make this one the best one ever.

Later on, I’m going to open my heroes advent calendar. It’s interactive like last year.

Have a good December everyone.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

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November the 3rd: The Christmas tree has arrived!

Hi readers

My brand new white Christmas tree has arrived. There’s something about a Christmas tree that makes me feel all gleeful.

I see a beautifully decorated white and blue themed tree. Although, I think I may already have a little too many Christmas decorations. So may just have to stick to a red and white theme instead.

I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself. I won’t be putting the tree up until December. I suppose it’s always handy to be well prepared.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x