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Blogmas Day 23- How Cute

Hi readers,

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Wow where has the time gone?

I really can’t believe the big day is nearly here. I’m going to help mum with the big food shop. Think it’s going to be a bit crazy. Wish me luck!

So my last minute craft projects I’ve managed to complete a couple more diamond cards, I love the Rudolph one I think its so cute!

Also, I’ve managed to knit more stockings which none are the same lol. I’m proud though considering.

What do you normally do for Christmas Eve? Are you all prepared? I’m more or less all finished now.

My lights have arrived so I’ll enjoy putting them up tomorrow (I will keep all updated)

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas eve tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

Lauren x

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Blogmas Day 7- Craft Projects I Want To Complete For Christmas.

Hi Readers,

So some of you may not know but I’m a recent knitter. So one project I want to complete is knitting some little stockings for Christmas. Don’t know how it’ll go but I’ll give it a good try. Since we’ve got everyone round this year, if I make enough I thought it would be a good idea to put them on the table with little gifts. I’m using a youtube tutorial I’ve seen.

I’ve also recently got into diamond painting. Whilst on Amazon I found some diamond painting cards. It’s a good time filler and I love the way it looks at the end. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete a couple for my family

Are you doing any crafts this year? If so what will you be doing?

Thank you for reading

Lauren x




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Until Christmas

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Blogmas Day 1- Introduction Post!

Hi readers!
Wow, wow, wow. Here we are again. It’s the first day of December meaning, the first day of Blogmas!
It’s a little different from last year, as it was during a lockdown.
I’m so excited about Christmas this year. It feels like I have been ready for it for ages!
Fingers crossed I will be able to complete it this year as I am super busy. I’m going to try to be super organised.

Here are some expected upcoming blog posts for this week.

  • Introduction post.
  • Christmas themed jokes.
  • Christmas haul.
  • 25 Blogmas post ideas.
  • My decorated house tour.
  • My anticipated Christmas reads.
  • Crafts I’m doing this Christmas.

What I recieved Real Techniques Advent…

I received the 200 brush. This can be used for foundation or blush.



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