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Why Sorting Out Your Subscriptions Could Be Very Important.

Let’s face it, going through finances isn’t the most thrilling activity. However, we are all aware not checking could end up costing.

Now the majority and people are turning to online shopping and card payments. Subscriptions are available everywhere, tempting you with free trials.

However, I was shocked to realise that I was subscribed to seven online services. Many of them I didn’t need or realise.

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Mrs England- Stacey Halls Book Review

Set in 1904, Ruby May a graduated Nurse is offered a job caring for the children of Charles and Lillian England. The family are wealthy with a luxurious house in West Yorkshire, however, when she arrives she gets the feeling not everything is as it seems.

What did I like about this book? I liked that this book kept you guessing. There are many characters you get to know along the way. This book is atmospheric and made my imagination run wild. Ruby is a likeable character, who I was rooting for along the way.

I would recommend this book to others, especially those who enjoy historical/mystery fiction.

I would give this book

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Lauren x