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January 16th: Why I started blogging.

Hi readers,

As you may know from my previous posts, I’m a pretty sentimental person. So I thought I would remind myself why I started blogging.

I started blogging because I have been following bloggers for a long time. I always thought it looked fun and a means of escape. It looked like a positive thing to do for yourself.

It took a lot of confidence for me to start. But I’m so glad I’ve now done it. It’s something I can see myself doing for a long time,

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

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December the 5th: Birthday’s, Wrapping and Strictly Come Dancing.

Hi readers,

I’ve got a free weekend this weekend. So that means I’ve been able to get lot’s of wrapping done.

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday Monday, and I’m sure some of you know the struggle of a December birthday. You don’t want to give more presents on one day. So luckily I’ve been able to get organised. Also, it makes sure you have more wrapping to complete.

I’m currently watching Strictly. It’s been a real light this year and I’ve really enjoyed it. I know my boyfriend has enjoyed watching it also.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the show. A musical week is my favourite as I love musicals.

Thank you for reading.

Have a good weekend! Take care Lauren x

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23rd November: My first time attempting flow yoga.

Good evening readers!

This weekend I had my first try of flow yoga. It was an online class and some parts tested me.

It’s like regular yoga but quicker and more flowing movements. It did work my core and strength.

I think I worked off a few calories from it. I never expected yoga to be that fast.

Luckily the instructor had clear and easy it instructions.

Would you give flow yoga a try?

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe Lauren x